Maryland’s Medium
July 15, 2023

WHEN: Saturday, July 15th
TIME: 1-4pm
WHERE: 3297 York St.
PRICE: $40

-For additional info & tickets contact:
Sandy at 443-974-7456
-All tickets are being handled directly through MVFD

-Light beverages will be provided, sodas, tea, lemonade, water.

-Margaret Minnick will be hosting a fund raiser with 75% of the proceeds going directly to the MVFD!

Come out and join in the laughs, cheers and most definitely, the tears as Margaret allows your loved ones to visit you one more time.
Be there as someone has their loved one come through and they can see them once more, then go on and get one final hug from them before being shown where they now reside.
That action will leave an everlasting impression on both the mind and the heart. Who knows? It may be you that has that experience.